Long Beach Little Paws Project was founded by non profit animal welfare groups The Little Lion Foundation and Helen Sanders CatPAWS to aid in the city’s mission of taking our beautiful city of Long Beach to a No Kill status.

Each year, hundreds of kittens under 8 weeks of age are euthanized at City of Long Beach Animal Care Services simply because they are not yet able to be adopted. Every day, kittens enter the shelter system by the buckets and they must exit somehow… HOW is up to you.

We have made it our mission to save these innocent souls by giving them a safe place to go while they grow big and strong and prepare for adoption. The underaged/underweight kittens are the missing puzzle piece to making Long Beach No Kill!

The Little Paws Project is an all volunteer run project that relies solely on donations to keep our mission alive.

the little lion foundation

The Little Lion Foundation is a non profit animal welfare group dedicated to saving the lives of neonatal kittens in Southern California. Founded in 2016, they have built a team whose sole mission to change the world for our neonatal kittens - working tirelessly to stop the needless euthanasia of these delicate beings at City of Long Beach Animal Care Services and saving almost 500 underaged kittens in just 2.5 years.

The Little Lion Foundation is determined to change the way people see orphaned kittens in the community by educating the community and shelter staff on how to care for young kittens, preventing more from being born through TNR, and encouraging fosters and rescue groups to learn this life saving skill of raising newborn kittens.

Learn more on The Little Lion Foundation at www.LittleLionFoundation.org

helen sanders catpaws

Helen Sanders CatPAWS is a non profit animal welfare group created in honor of the wonderful Helen Sanders who worked tirelessly to change the way people viewed community cats and spent her entire life caring for these unwanted, homeless colonies. CatPAWS focuses primarily on taking cats and kittens from public shelters where they would otherwise be killed. Additionally, the organization strives to stem the overpopulation of unwanted cats and kittens through supporting trap/neuter/return (TNR) efforts and providing vouchers.

CatPAWS implemented the DIY Kitten Care Project, which entails providing Kitten Care Kits at no charge to public shelters. These kits are then offered to people who bring in kittens they find and who might be willing to care for the kittens until adoptable. This program diverts kittens from intake at the shelter where they would likely otherwise be killed and has saved hundreds of lives in just a couple years.

Learn more about Helen Sanders CatPAWS at www.HelenSandersCatPAWS.com